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Piston Pilots


This is a position in UK Germany and Switzerland posted July 27, 2016.

Piston Pilots

Conduct flight demonstrations to potential customers worldwide. Perform customer support and company transportation. Maintain currency in selected Textron Aviation Aircraft models
  1. Responsible for assisting and prompting the sale of all Textron  Aviation Aircraft models through ground and in-flight demonstrations, as well as other methods of product presentation specifically designed to highlight quality, emphasize safety, and promote competitive advantages
  2. Enhances sales process by providing product expertise on Textron Aviation Aircraft systems, avionics, and flying characteristics. Clearly and effectively communicates product benefits to potential customers during flight demonstrations and ground walk-around presentations
  1. Maintains familiarity with all applicable FAA and ICAO regulations. Complies with all regulations and local operating procedures
  1. Ensures training and flight currency for all phases of operations. Informs Flight Operations Management and Dispatch when any currency is approaching expiration
  1. During routine demonstration activities conducts regular safety assessments and provides feedback to management regarding ways to improve safety of operations
  1. Evaluates demonstrator aircraft for mechanical and cosmetic discrepancies and accurately communicates with the Maintenance Manager and the Textron Aviation Service Centers to maintain the highest possible standards of quality
  1. Attends training as required. Training will include: initial and recurrent aircraft training, emergency procedures training, crew coordination training, international procedures training, and other training as deemed necessary by management
  1. Seeks methods of operation to reduce unnecessary third-party flight expenses without compromising safety or quality of operations. Communicates suggestions to department management and other pilots to develop standards for obtaining handling, flight planning, and other third-party services in the most cost effective manner
  1. Performs office tasks such as expense report and flight log preparation, international planning, aircraft flight manual, and approach plate updates, and other tasks normally associated with day-to-day flight operations
  2. Performs office tasks such as expense report, international planning, and other tasks as requested by the Flight Operations Management.


  • Required:
    • Bachelors degree in business, aerospace, other related field or
    • International operations are conducted requiring a valid passport
    • FAA / ICAO First Class medical, Airline Transport Pilot certification or ability to obtain within three months of hire date, and demonstrated piloting skills higher than the minimums stated from the appropriate Practical Test Stands.
    • At least 1,500 hours total time
    • International operating experience
    • Overnight and extend travel is required
  • Preferred:
    • FAA Flight Instructor Certification or equivalent
    • 500 hours multi-engine time

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