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At Pilot Shortage we understand that advertising is a necessary evil.  There is no right and wrong to advertising and hard to get the correct/efficient place to advertise.  At Pilot Shortage we offer a very cost effective advertising scheme.  As you may see down the right hand column of our website we are using Google Adsense.  Your advert can be placed there at a moments notice, taking priority over Google Adsense.  Our advert prices are very reasonable considering our website hits.

In descending order from the top of the page (right hand column) usual advert size 250×250

£120 per month

£100 per month

£80 per month

£60 per month

£60 per month

£60 per month

£60 per month

From £200 per month (Advert featured at the bottom of every advert description) advert price and cost to be discussed in full.

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Embraer 135/145 Emergency Equipment

Embraer 135/145 Emergency Equipment