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B747 Rated and Non Type Rated Captains

This is a position posted December 5, 2015.

B747 Rated and Non Type Rated Captains

Minimum requirements:

  • A valid ICAO member state/ GACA ATP license on fixed wing transport aircraft with an ICAO Language Proficiency endorsement of level 4 or higher.
  • Current ICAO member state/ GACA First Class Medical Certificate.
  • Satisfactory completion of high school.
  • Age: Up to 55 (who has not reached his 56th birthday). At age 53 or greater, an ICAO member state/ GACA ATP with a type rating for the equipment he is hired.
  • An ex-Saudia crew member can be rehired provided his reinstatement is within 2 years, and he is able to serve at least one full contract period.
  • Height: 65″ – 76″ (165.0 – 193.0 cm). However a Saudi national direct hire candidate whose height is between 160 cm – 165 cm may be considered for employment, provided the applicant can demonstrate the ability to manipulate all required flight controls and switches without undue effort. This demonstration must be evaluated by a Flight Training Manager or his designee.
  • Satisfactory completion of the entire company screening process.
  • No positive indication of illegal drugs on a Drug Screening Test.
  • No pilot applicant will be accepted to any Company Flight Training Program at any time if he has previously tested positive for drugs, nor can he apply in the future for any safety related position in the Company.
  • 6000 hours total time and:
    • and
  • 2000 hours PIC on type
    • or
  • 2500 hours as PIC of which 1500 hours on Narrow body and 1000 on type
    • or
  • 3000 hours as PIC on wide body including glass jet

Notes :

  1. Substitution of required lower Category aircraft hours by higher Category hours for pilots is allowed. For example, if a captain hired into Group B falls short of the required Group B hours, he may substitute his Group C or D hours for the required Group B hours at the rate of 1:1.
  2. All hired Captains shall have recent experience on glass cockpit aircraft unless hired for non-glass cockpit aircraft.
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